Portable Response Barrier

Product Code: 3887

Portable Response Barrier

The fully customizable Portable Response Barrier (PRB) provides NIJ level III or IV protection with modular collapsible side shields making it an adaptable defensive fighting position, perfect for making entry through doorways. The PRB can be easily maneuvered and operated through hallways, doorways while providing complete protection and the ability to return fire. The PRB can be set as an established check point for guard gates or other locations that require an emergency ballistic barrier.


Pricing: Available on request for quote only at info@blueridgearmor.com

• Size: 70″ x 31″ (Other Sizes Are Optional and Are Fully Customizable)
• Flat Panel
• Viewport
• Adjustable Control Bar Handles
• Large All Terrain Wheels
• 100% Alloy Ballistic Construction
• NIJ 0108.01 Rated III, III++ or Level IV
• Durable Black Polyurea Coating

• Custom Sized Panels
• Custom Viewport Sizing
• Gun Port
• Large Format ID Panel
• Wheel Delete for Permanent Installation

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