The need for training and continuing education is integral to our core values and philosophies of providing life protective equipment to help bring you home. Never standing on tradition, BlueRidge Armor has partnered with Brotherhood for Disruptive Innovation (B4Di) to provide end user equipment training as well as basic through advanced critical thinking and tactics.
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BLUERIDGE Armor offers SHIELD/BUNKER Clinics to potential & current customers CUSTOMERS (restrictions may apply).


BLUERIDGE Armor offers Education to potential & current customers CUSTOMERS (restrictions may apply).


BLUERIDGE Armor offers CIVILIAN training potential & current customers CUSTOMERS (restrictions may apply).

Training Workshops

Training Workshops

From single day workshops to week long training courses, individual or team, collaborative or competitive, we design programs to meet your needs.

Students work through complex scenarios and put the use of equipment to the test alongside our experienced instructors, reviewing and learning from demonstration, discussion and practical assessment.

Tactical response

Basic topics include:
• Threat assessment
• Multiple threat engagement
• Shield function and use
• Shoot house scenarios
• Lone and collaborate operations
• Basic to advanced firearms training
• Latest in live firing techniques

Every student is given one-to-one opportunities for experience Q&A, performance operation review and targets for continued personal development.

Tactical response

Training the trainers

Tactical response training is designed for elite officers, active shooter responders and patrol supervisors, to develop skills including the management of barricaded suspects and the rescue of officers in extreme live fire situations.

Tactical topics include:
• Live fire situation planning
• “Suicide by cop” handling
• Rescue operations
• Hostage taking and negotiation
• Advance approach and breach

Our trainers will detail the importance and requirements of reporting and debrief after event operations. Including techniques to remember and recall information, best practice processes, the aftercare of equipment and soft skills for both civilian and peer engagement.

Additional topics include:
• Medical challenges in tactical scenarios
• Casualty rescue
• Event reporting and debriefing
• Experience learning
All courses are conducted through purpose built, safe environments, on location to meet your unit, agency or department needs. During Covid-19 restrictions, if practical hands-on equipment training isn’t required, some courses can be designed for delivery over video conference.

We recognize the increasing importance of experts in the field and continued development. In today’s world, more than ever, responders need access to assessment and training, to maintain strength in experience, skill and knowledge. To address these crucial needs, our courses can be customized for trainers to deliver to their workforce and support their units or agency needs. We also offer refresher courses so that your training know-how is ahead of the curve.
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