Custom Ballistic Shield & Quality Protective Body Armor
Custom Hard Armor Ballistic Shield & Quality Protective Body Armor

The official shield of The United States Marshal Service. We offer the highest ballistic protection against forced entry, riots, active shooters, and other dangerous threats.

Ballistic Body Armor for Any Threat Level

Our custom armor shields and bunkers offer all of the features law enforcement needs to effectively manage any threat level; from active shooter situations, riots, crowd control, and animal attacks, to forced entry, and more.

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Customizable Bulletproof Shield

Customize armor shields to every threat level with a 3D Builder by adding viewports, lights, handles, size, color, and label identifier.


Compatible with Handguns and Long Guns

Easy gun access for a lightning-fast response time in life-threatening situations.


Ultra Lightweight

Comfortable protection for long-time use and wear, fit for law enforcement and special forces.


Compact Shield

Designed with balance and mobility in mind for free movement and rapid motion. 


Unique Shield Shape & Shield Variety

Improve response time, overcome obstacles, and receive maximum protection with the right shield shape.

How to Get Started

1. Browse Our Ballistic Shield Selection

Determine your potential threat level and browse our current selection for the best design fit.


2. Customize Your Tactical Shield

Add additional features to maximize protection and minimize obstacles and threat exposure.


3. Add to Cart & Check Out

Once you have customized your design, features, and have selected the order amount, you are ready to add to the cart and proceed to check out.


4. Contact Us

Contact us regarding any inquiries pertaining to protective features and additional professional recommendations.

Real Shield Designs from Real Officers

Our Vengeance Hard Armor line is designed from the ground up by real law enforcement agents for effective, efficient use and maximum protection. 


Pricing varies on design, customization, and order amount.

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With any purchase of our protective body gear, we offer a free 5-year warranty.

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Providing the U.S. Marshall Service, law enforcement, special forces, and private security professionals custom ballistic shields for any threat level. American Made body armor that is Special Threat tested and NIJ Certified with Hard Armor plates. Most trusted ballistic body armor focused on quality, efficiency, safety, and comfort. Police – Sheriff – Swat – Tactical Vengeance – Vengeance Shield – WMX1 – WMX2 – WMX3 – WMX4 – WMX6 – WMX3RF – GDS – Guardian Defense Shield – PDS – Patrol Defense Shield – Tomahawk 

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