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No waiting, at BlueRidge we’ve put Shield design into your hands, create your ideal armor shield in minutes. A first in the industry.
Complete Control

Years of personal service has taught us about our customers and their needs. Making the right purchase for your requirements the first time is critically important, whether that’s for a single unit buy, or equipping an entire force.

We’ve always offered complete, custom control over the features and design of your shield. Now, we’re putting it at your fingertips with a BlueRidge Armor industry first Custom 3D Shield Builder. No designer and no waiting required.

Select your ballistic shield platform, viewport, handle and light combination and see your selections assembled instantly in full 3D view. Select your size and see how our range of shields match up against one another. Next, choose from our range of colors and COREBOND large format ID to complete your shield. There’s no guesswork or emailing back and forth, you’re free to make as many adjustments as you want and compare them before making your decision. You can even send us your own artwork or logo to add to your personalized shield purchase.

No Compromise

We offer the highest-quality and largest range of features and options allowing end users to customize the exact hard armor ballistic shield for their specific needs. From our comprehensive range of base shield platforms, to our expansive lighting options and proprietary composite structures, we make no compromises.

We are proud to offer the industry first 3D Shield Builder and visualization tools. The weight and price of your configured shield is continually calculated with each selection you make giving you the flexibility to design in 3D according to budget.

Mission Driven - Purpose Built

We work with local, state and federal law enforcement, as well as private sector security professionals, to better understand the situations our customers are anticipating when purchasing bullet resistant protective equipment. We always prioritize quality and robust ballistic performance above all else. We produce products you can rely on in rapidly changing, unpredictable environments. 

Our deep rooted industry experience helps us to produce the best engineered products available anywhere. Our VENGEANCE Series ballistic shieldshave been independently tested by the USMS and proven to outperform all other ballistic shields on the market. 

VENGEANCE Series hard armor ballistic shields are fielded and trusted by the United States Marshal Service. 

BlueRidge Armor, Legendary Performance, MISSION DRIVEN – PURPOSE BUILT!

From spider silk to snakeskin, we keep hearing about the next big thing in body armor… then never hear about it again. Dragon Skin armor was different, holding up in testing and even being purchased by law enforcement. So why aren’t you wearing it?
BlueRidge Armor shields are the most advanced ballistic protective shields on the market and made in the USA. Never settle for less.
Will we be wearing Russian body armor in 10 years’ time? Manufacturers have high hopes for threat ratings.

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